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  • Agency-Wide Resident Council

    As a resident your best opportunity to get informed and involved is thorough participation in your resident council. The resident council is a HUD and SHA recognized group of elected resident officers from all SHA public housing properties who have open communication with the Housing Authority and residents regarding issues that affect their community. SHA works hard to encourage and respond to resident input and participation in all matters, especially with regard to the current redevelopment.

    ValerieValerie Buchand, Agency-Wide Resident Council President (center) hosts Family and Fun Day.

    Resident Council elections are held every three years, or on an as needed basis, with assistance from the Resident Services department and the Sarasota County Supervisor of Elections.

    Once elected to this influential position, resident council members participate on a Resident Advisory Board (RAB) which meets periodically with Executive Director Bill Russell to discuss issues and policies, including the Agency’s Annual Plan that gets submitted to HUD.

    Resident Council Meetings

    OCB Council
    The last Thursday of the month
    Resident Services Portable
    1700 Gore Court

    Agency-Wide Resident Council
    The Fourth Tuesday of the month
    McCown Towers
    1300 Blvd. of the Arts.